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Originally posted by kyleb
well it all come down to the same hardware no mater wich api you use, ganted driver preformace is an important factor. regardless, doom3, while being an alpha, is still intended to proved playable preformace on less than modren hardware. on the otherhand 3dmark as a benchmark that does not need to provide playable framerate works to push things much harder to the point were systems that do well in doom3 will still absolutly choke. heck, no one runs 3dmark with turely playable framerate at this point, at least not all the way though.
Just as a point, remember that JC stated when running spec OpenGL (ARB2) code just as the 3Dm3k is using spec DXx code, and both are using their same hardware paths, that the R9700 was twice as fast as the nV30.

So basically the nV30 is faster running spec DX code than it is at OpenGL code and yet they have to rely on guys like JC to specifically code a game to use their hardware. Then they complain that real games should be used to benchmark with. Now with 3Dm3k confirming what JC found with the ARB2 path we know that the 9700 could very well be faster at next gen games (if they follow spec). I find this rather 2 faced.

A benchmark like this is intended to test how the hardware is according to the spec, not the IHVs version of that spec.

If this turns out to be a driver related thing, well then fine, but I believe that it is a hardware thing, judging by the DX9 specific tests, not the game tests.
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