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Originally posted by Myrmecophagavir
No, they should test the fastest method the hardware exposes to get the same outcome. If one card only exposes the minimum spec use that, if another card provides extensions to spec which enable it to get the job done quicker then use them. The benchmark tells you which card can get the desired results the fastest, regardless of how it does it.

BTW, PS/VS 2.0+ is still DX9 spec.
I agree with you, but in this case both cards are more than spec so it is up to the drivers to make proper use of the hardware, not the benchmark. The benchmark is written to spec and that is all it claims to be. Some may dissagree because of PS 1.4 but they are DX8.1 spec.

What I am trying to say is test using all available avenues, whether they be vendor specific or spec and compare them. That is the true purpose of a benchmark. But let ppl know which is using what.
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