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Default Graphics Artifacts 6800 Ultra AGP :(

I have been starting to get some artifacting with my 6800 Ultra card , its a little over a year old now. Specs are in sig. I first noticed the annomolied while playing F.E.A.R , some of the textures in the game would just become streched out , ex like the railings n some of the outdoor levels and the shadows with them would just extend all over the level , while other parts of the game would play just fine.

I havent really had any stability issues with the card , all my games play great , the machine never freezes or reboots or anything like that.

I just installed the latest in the Need For Speed installment and I am getting some of the same stretched tectures and peices of the road are just lifted up , I have included a screenshot so you can see what im talking about.

If I Alt-Tab out of the game all annomolies are gone for a while , but eventually they come back. I have checked the temp on the card while playing and it has never went over 83C. Also I can run Rthdribl and 3DMark 05 for hours on end with no errors or artifacts , Prime 95 will run for weeks with no errors.

Im at a loss right now and thought i would ask for a second opinion before getting a new card. Here is what I have done so far.

Updated BIOS

Installed latest VIA Hyperion and Forceware drivers , ( This has happened with numerous driver sets. )

Fastwrites are off

Happens at stock speeds as well

Any suggestions at all would be much appricated. Thanks in advance for your help!
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