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Cool Re: More on the hijacking popups here

Originally Posted by |JuiceZ|
...You have spyware on your machine but it wasn't produced by this site or our web host.

Stupid question: have you tried a different browser? I also find it hard to believe you did a fresh windows install, immediately browsed this site and got pop ups. Doesn't make sense but then again, maybe there's something I'm missing?
Whatever. Believe what you choose, but I did come straight here from a clean install, about 3 times over the last month or so in fact. My system is absolutely clean. The only remote possibility is a banner or something from this site is loading a cookie (I block 3rd party cookies), java script, or whatever. I don't get popups ANYWHERE ELSE, unless of course it's a site known for them...then I fire up Ad Muncher before I go there.

I'm not interested in using another browser. I used Firefox and Opera for a bit and didn't care for them.

I don't always get the popups here either, but when I do, they always behave the same (hijacking the entire browser window), and always happen here, and here only. If I close my browser, delete cookies and clear cache then come straight back, usually all is well....for a while. I have not had any popups for about 3 days now. If I had any kind of spyware, that would not be the case.

The popups were caused by this site or something on it. Period. So don't try to make me look like a clueless fool because "the powers that be" can't keep the advertisers here clean.
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