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Default Re: Should I sell my Leadtek AGP 6800GT?

not really, try any source game with hdr or just even only the bloom. i have a amd 64 3200 at 2.45ghz and a xfx 6800gt agp. anyway with this setup i played the latest garrysmod 9.0.4 and ran through the single player level of halflife 2 with bloom on (only bloom and not even HDR) and my fps dropped by 30 to 40. My settings are maxed 4x aa, 16x af, 1280 by 800 resolution. It was terrible and unplayable while moving the mouse i could really feel the slowness compared to when bloom is off. Even at 1024 by 800 resolution its terrible. I turn on bloom i am in red fps area, i turn it off my fps jumps up to green 90-100. CS source is comming out this wednesday with a new hdr enabled map. My god i will be below 30fps alot with this crap 6800gt that cant handle hdr or bloom. For me not being able to play cs source in max resolution or at least 1280 resolution with 4x and 16x and hdr means my video card is ****.
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