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Default Re: Browser Hijacking Popups From Here...

I do.
Then I would get a better one, or it is getting hijacked.

You still didn't answer where your image file came from. Unless the install was from an MS cd there is no way to be certain that the image is spyware/malware/virus free. Also, software installed from offline sources can contain malicious content just as easily.

To me, this sounds like a virus or malware. I would perform a full system scan with your antivirus before windows loads up. Use either Avast or NOD32. One is freeware and the other has a trial, so there is no reason not too.

You might also consider running peerguardian2, viewing the allowed connections, looking up the ip, and then blocking the entire range for whoever it belongs too. Even if your system is still infected, it won't be able to access their servers.

Personally, I would just format and reinstall from the MS cd.
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