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Default Re: Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!

You may have overlooked something simple:
  • your friend is using performance or quality in nVidia driver, whereas you are using high quality... turning those nVidia optimizations takes quite a hit.
  • are you using exactly the same game settings?.. perhaps he could send you the system.cfg or settings.ini or whatever the game uses.
  • are you sure the unlocked ps and vs are 100.0000% perfect. Just because rivatuner let you do it, it doesnt mean its fine. You need to carefully test with many many games and demos. At very least 3dMark2003 and 3dMark2005... if you get ANY graphical anomalies that weren't there before unlocking, then you got damaged good... sometimes it causes performance to fall
  • how is your cooling? Driver/rivatuner might say "only" 60C but perhaps thats because the chip is throtling the speed down. Also make sure you have proper contact with the heatsink... I've had a problem where temps seemed fined, but games mysteriously locked up after a few hours... all it takes is a single grain of sand.
  • are you sure there isn't anything sucking up the juice, like IM, ICQ, Norton, etc...
  • check your BIOS and make sure you didn't set something stupid like AGP Aperature = 32MB, or for 6800, fastwrites =on. AGP Aperature should be as large as possible (at very least the size of your video memory), and fastwrites should definetly be off.. double check with rivatuner that it stays off.
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