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Default Re: Browser Hijacking Popups From Here...

It's an official, retail Windows CD. The same one I've been using for years. All the apps I install with Windows are clean and stored on my backup drive or CDs, not downloaded. Stuff I've used for years like Winrar, Nero, Powerquest Drive Image, Spybot - Search & Destroy, etc. I don't use any download managers, screen savers, codec packs, media players or freeware junk like that that is risky. About the most risky thing I install is Quicktime, and I even have the stand alone offline installer for that.

My system IS NOT infected. It simply can't be (couldn't at the time anyway). I have scanned it for good measure though. Again, I have no problems at all any more (same Windows install), not even from this site in about 3 days. If there was anything undesirable on my system the popups would continue, here and elsewhere. They have not. Spyware doesn't just go away by itself...but bad banner ads, java script, cookies or whatever do...and apparently did.
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