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Default Re: FreeBSD x64 NVIDIA DRIVER - now possible

Originally Posted by Martin Cracauer

You seem to have lost context entirely.

Look again what I was commenting on. That nonsense about the supposed slowdown above 1 GB and how the "2GB/2GB" split (nice one) is "hurting performance". Which is all rubbish, and pretty good one.

And if you have never seen a single piece of software run slower in 64 bit mode than 32 bit mode, just go as far as bzip2. I never said it is common but it does exist.

As for what you call "the new processor commands", do you have any idea what you are talking about? Like "sit" and "play dead"?

Is this a zoo?

You people don't deserve a new driver.
Let me just point out, that in my own experience (benchmarks that were done on RHEL and Slackware, both Linux, with our own server), a 4G/4G split (on a machine with 2GB) reduced the I/O performance by as much as 15%; 3G/1G split reduced the performance by ~10% compared to 64bit code. And we are talking about I/O (both network and disk code) that has little, if any, need for the added 64bit registers.
Furthermore, my own application (that runs purely in kernel mode) is around 30% faster, as I can do all the "long long" math and hashing in a single instruction instead of the usual "instruction 1, add carry, instruction 2", let alone the fact that in "our" high-end configuration, we are 'forced' to use 64bit, as we require huge contiguous buffers and having to remap high memory pages every 1ns just isn't worth the effort.

But, you seem to know everything about everything. You intellect is beyond compare.
You seem to know everything about memory split, high memory, jump buffers (AKA bounce). So who am I to educate you.
Find someone else to spam fight against. You are out of your league here.
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