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Default Re: FreeBSD x64 NVIDIA DRIVER - now possible

Care to share any numbers of these I/O performance results?

Of course the 4GB/4GB patch on 32 bit i386 Linux split patch reduced I/O performance. There's a complete flush of the TLB on every single system call. That has absolutely nothing to do with what the a 3/1 or 2/2 split do. That is because the 4GB/4GB split patch is a crazy hack, the 3/1 and 2/2 are not.

You realize that a 64 bit kernel has a similar kernel/userland split, too, just higher?

Of course normally 64 bit code is faster than 32 bit, especially if you use > 32 bit integer arthmetic. Nobody questioned that. It is claims that 32 bit can never be faster which just prove the ignorance of the poster.

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