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Default Re: FreeBSD x64 NVIDIA DRIVER - now possible

If you bothered to read my original post, before going on rampage, you'd notice that I never claimed that 32bit was slower by design.
I claimed that:
A. 64bit adds additional GP registers.
B. High-memory usage (in-order to access >1GB of memory on 3/1 and >2GB on 2/2) causes a performance hit. (Though I accept, that my point could have been clearer.)

With desktop computers coming preloaded with 1GB of memory, workstation (and gaming machines) with 2GB and server with 4GB, I see little reason to use hacks (PAE) instead of using the real thing. (64bit)

Oh... and BTW, we all do 64bit "math". All file-systems uses 64bit file pointers.

As for sharing numbers, the benchmarks my workplace did before switching to 64bit belongs to them, and them alone.
However, of the top my head,
I doubt that you'll have problems finding other credible 32bit vs. 64bit benchmarks.
Mind you, in most of these tests, 64bit beats the living out of 32bit beats with 64bit GCC optimization being years behind 32bit ones. (In my own experience, gcc 4.0 still uses the legacy GP registers [AX, etc] much more then the 'new' 64bit GP registers, so there's a large room for improvement here)

Now, if we can conclude this useless exchange...
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