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Default X freezes on start

I just did a fresh install of redhat 8.0.

Aopen AK77-8XN Mobo
Nvidia Ti 4200

Installed driver and glx from src rpms and edited the XF86Config and modules.conf files. Whenever i try to start X, the screen flickers a couple of times and then just comes up with random ASCII characters (smiley faces mostly...ironicly) and the system is completely frozen. CTRL+ALT+DEL, CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE, CTRL+ALT+MASHING-EVERY-KEY doesn't do anything. The only way to recover is to reset the system.

Has anyone had a similar issue? I looked over the posts and could only find one other person with the random character issue, and that was just as a side comment.

I can, however, still get into X if i don't load glx and use the vesa driver.
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