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Default Re: FreeBSD x64 NVIDIA DRIVER - now possible

Originally Posted by Martin Cracauer
Okay, they added new optimizations. And algorithms. And logarithms.

Did we actually disagree on anything? Last time I looked you were just sniping on me just for pointing out that memory above 1 GB is not slower (it isn't) and that the 2/2GB boundary (which neither FreeBSD nor Linux have) make things "slower" (which they don't).

I don't see what anything you said has to do with any of that, except that you made that claim that there is no single program running slower in 64 bit mode than 32 bit mode. If you know what a pointer size is it should be pretty obvious to you that I can easily come up with example programs that run slower. How about one of the fancy string representations that have charaters in linked lists?
I never claimed that there would not be a program running slower on 64 bit. I did say it was highly unkikely. I mostly argured with your contention that if you did not know what 64bit was, then you didn't need it. Most business level software, ie databases, image editors etc.. will greatly benefit. Also most gaming applications will see an improvement. Your average gamer has no idea what 64bit means, but the faster floating point math will definately help them see better fps, which they do know about. Therefore the only people who won't see an improvement are internet trollers and people who play solitaire all day.(okay, I am getting a little extreme here, but it does make my point)
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