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Default After Yum update X no longer works

I did a Yum Update last night and it updated the kernel. Prior to rebooting I followed the instructions on concerning when you update the kernel you have to update the kernel module. I rebooted and now X won't start. So, I edited the inittab and set it up to boot to runlevel 3. Also, X forze but I could do ctrl-alt-F1 and log in there. That is how I changed the inittab. After that I setenforce 0 and changed the xorg.conf to "nv" vice "nvidia". As root, logged into X fine. Exited back to the terminal and tried it as normal user and I see the mouse come up and then it all crashes. Is anyone aware of any issues with the latest kernel and the nvidia driver? I am at work right now but will be working on it when I get home later.
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