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Default Re: WOW expansion LV 70 cap

Originally Posted by Slybri
Yeah, I cancelled again. Second time. I play for a few months and then get burnt out on it. It becomes a chore. Started a new toon on the new RP/PVP server and got bored with it. The thought of plowing through the Westfall and Darkshire quests for the 6th time did not amuse me. Without a fun guild any MMO gets lame.
I'll probably go back after a few months off though. Or maybe when the expansion pack is out. I still think WOW is the best game ever made. I just need some variety is all.

here is a mischeivious with it
Uh you don't HAVE to do Westfall and Darkshire you know. There's always Loch Modan, Wetlands, Darkshore, Ashenvale [well okay no Ashenvale on a PVP server, horde owns that place]. Speaking of could always roll horde.
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