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Default Re: Why is the 6800GT more expensive than the 7800 ?

Ram and hardware with onboard ram are tricky like that. The 7800GTX 512's are in short supply right now because of the ram they use. Not many companies make pc133 ram anymore either so 512mb's of generic PC133 costs about the same as 512mb of ECC/REG DDR333.

Another reason people might buy as 6800GT over a 7800 is for the AGP version. If you've got to buy a video card + Motherboard + Some cases ram and cpu, then it's just the better deal for now. A lot of people in this forum were ready for the big jump but this is a group of mainly hardware junkies.
Look at Rar up there ^^ with his socket A still. 7800 isn't an option without the full upgrades (minus ram) even though his cpu is allready good enough for a lot of games.
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