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Default Re: WOW expansion LV 70 cap

Originally Posted by Slybri
Yeah, I cancelled again. Second time. I play for a few months and then get burnt out on it. It becomes a chore. Started a new toon on the new RP/PVP server and got bored with it. The thought of plowing through the Westfall and Darkshire quests for the 6th time did not amuse me. Without a fun guild any MMO gets lame.
I'll probably go back after a few months off though. Or maybe when the expansion pack is out. I still think WOW is the best game ever made. I just need some variety is all.

here is a mischeivious with it

Yea, rolling throught the same areas over and over does suck but like VZ said you can actually quest in different areas and opposite faction. There's so many and even when I run around with my lvl 60's I still see lowbie areas where I have never quested in.. Thats what I did with the release of these new servers(rppvp, prob same one as you). Went with a dwarf rogue and quested in redridge and darkshire zones for the first time.

But yea, a month or two off always does justice. I've done it and really wouldn't convience somebody not to. The problem is there just isn't a decent pc game out there that can compete with wow imo. But yea, like with any game can get boring.
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