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Default Re: AGP Aperture size XFX 6800 128MB

Originally Posted by egyteam
what is the best agp aperture size for xfx 6800 128mb,

I am setting it at the moment 128MB, but I found that Nalu demo benefits from the agp aperture size 256MB, so does the game benefit like the nalu ? or just leave it at 128MB

I am using 1GB memory

If you are playing old games... it wont make a different, even if you have it down to 32MB. However, as you saw with Nalu, and I have tested with BF2 (amongst others), higher is better... ESPECIALLY if you set things like texture, lighting, shadows on their max setting in games. I found difference between 256MB and 512MB non-existent, but I set at 512MB anyway. It doesnt hurt to have it higher... that memory isn't locked away or unavailable anymore... just more is allowed to be used for textures.
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