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Default RH 7.3 (2.4.18-3) with AOpen ti4600

Well I've tried absolutely everything my newb brain can think of.

Ran, downloaded and installed...


Did everything the README says... changed XF86Config-4 as it says. Ran and it says everything will work fine. I try to startx and then it just goes to a black screen (big surprise). CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE doesn't kick me back out to the console either.

I've checked out XFree86.0.log and there are NO error messages with -logverbose 5. The odd thing is that after I restart my computer and then run it says it cannot detect the NVIDIA kernel.

This led me to believe I should stay away from the rpm and stick to the tars. What do you guys think, I'm all out of ideas.

(BTW, I was able to install NVIDIA just fine on a pentium 2.2 with a vanta 16MB. Worked great. I also tried messing with Modeline in XF86Config-4, to no avail.)
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