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Default Re: *** Official F.E.A.R. Feedback Thread ***

Originally Posted by TierMann
It's a problem with the game. Some people get a full lockup so you got lucky
People in the VU forums have problems like this too and the common thing is SLI. Until a full patch higher than 1.02 comes out (and not just the securom fix which seems to have fixed the game+internet issues) then it probably won't change. People who were having the issue were just alt+tabbing out from the main menu and closing it in task manager. Seems to work with no freeze.
Yes - I just read up on that method... seems like the best way - least obtrusive to the system... no cd cracks can cause more issues sometimes... I hear also moving in and out of other menus before you quit can help also... I am going to try all of the above at home soon... I needed a good excuse to leave the office early today... whew.

BTW - I do get a full lockup, but after I exit.. the mouse works for 5 seconds, then LOCK. I have to hold the power button down until the machine powers off and restart... very annoying, and not great for the file system :P
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