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Lightbulb Nvidia 6800GS AGP arrives next week

Yay! w00t! -- I'm excited, it's what I need!
NVIDIA is fulfilling its promises and will start shipping its Geforce 6800 GS AGP cards next week. We already reported that Nvidia has a massive shortage of AGP chips and that it can not print enough 6600 based chips and bridge it back with HSI bridge chip. Its time for the new old card.

Unlike the 6800 GS PCIe, the AGP version will be based on good old NV40 chip and it will be native AGP card without any bridges. We still donít know about the clock speeds but we heavily suspect that it will have the same clocks as its PCIe brother.

The card will start at a similar price - we expect $249 - and you should see some Etailers listing these cards in the next few days.

ATI is happily shipping its X800 and X700 based AGP chips and it's expected that X1600 based AGP cards won't take to long after its PCIe brother. Nvidia still hopes to cash in the Yule AGP shopping madness. article 02 Dec 05 article 17 Nov 05
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