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Default Re: BFG 6800 GT temp 90 DEGREES idleing! has cooler on it too!

Originally Posted by ynnek
try blasting ALOT of compressed air through eveyr crevice and opening around your cooler.. hold that trigger down. That solved my problem.

Check your case fans and vents too..

Finally, I'd start wondering if the thermal compound between the core and the cooler has broken down.
No kidding. I took my 6800 with Artic Cooling NV5 out of the case a few times, and blew a little air with my mouth at it, and wondered why my idle temperate was so high.. then about a week or two ago, I had a crazy idea of taking the NV5 heatsink appart. All the dust was on THE OTHER SIDE. It was like making a fort or a dam. That dust was pretty adamant about no tresspassers. Since I had the whole thing appart I just got a big brush and swept it all off. Put everything back and instantly about 5-10C lower.
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