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Default How to uninstall the drivers in case of crash

I installed the drivers (1.0-7676) on my SX:CR 27 system with a GF2 GTS and ran the update_drv command.

However it doesn't seem like the drivers support it (and juding from other people with similair problems other cards aswell), but during boot the machine just crashed and rebooted and I had no idea how to fix it.

Screenshot of the error (crappy image, but it's real hard to see it since the system reboots, took that with slow shutter speed) (see below)

1) Choose fail safe boot in grub.

2) Select 'n' for no on mounting the disc.

3) Mount the disc like:
mount -o rw /dev/dsk/c0d0s0 /a

4) Remove the NVIDIA packages with:
pkgrm -R /a NVDAgrpahics
pkgrm -R /a NVDAgrpahicsr

5) Reboot.

Now the system will hopefully go up as it was before the modules where loaded, put in another graphics card and try again or use Xorgs nv-drivers.
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