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Default Re: JUst installed a NV Silencer to my 6800gt... help.. hotter

Originally Posted by crainger
Thats alot of paste. I'm getting really good results with a Zalman waterblock and a grain of rice size dab on the GPU. I'm not familiar with the Silencers, but a pinky size dab would begin to hamper cooling. With Artic Silver less is more in most cases. You want an evenly spread layer, really thin, almost transparent.

Ditto.. In fact if you go to Artic Silver's website, they explicitly state this.. Too much in fact hampers the ability to transfer heat. You want the thinnest layer possible, with no air bubbles. Thats why the recommend now with thier newet stuff, is to just put a grain of rice size dab in the middle, then simple plop the heatsink on top.. and then give it an ever so hairtwist (to remove any possible bubbles)

Else, you can still follow the old and probably most effective but most effort consuming method.. of grinding and rubbing and polishing the stuff on until your left with a ultra thin layer imbedded inside the surfaces.
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