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Originally posted by StealthHawk
the CPU test doesn't seem to be very good either, that's one of the things i've complained about.

from Smokey's results
Duron 900MHz
CPU Test 1: 22.6
CPU Test 2: 4.4

AthlonXP 1800+
CPU Test 1: 28.3 fps
CPU Test 2: 4.5 fps
The 3DMark2003 CPU benchmark suffers much of the same limitation as many other CPU benchmarks. It is very much affected by such things as system memory bandwidth.

Even at same processor speeds, etc. the scores over at ORB seem to even differentiate themselves based on motherboards. But without knowing the exact specs of the memory, it is difficult to know for certain if the scores are heavily influence by the mobo. It is without question that the CPU scores are heavily influence by system memory bandwidth.

On my machine using same processor, same drivers, same FSB setting, I can get a 20% spread by simply changing the settings in the bios setting for memory latency and other specs.

In any case, here's the score on a Duron 900MHz (
CPU Test 1: 22.6 FPS, CPU Test 2: 4.4 FPS

Here's the score on an Athlon XP 1400MHz (
CPU Test 1: 34.3 FPS, CPU Test 2: 7.2 FPS

Another on an Athlon XP 1600Mhz (
CPU Test 1: 40.0 FPS, CPU Test 2: 7.6 FPS

All were on a GeForce 3.

When one does a CPU test, everything is held constant--only the CPU changes. One does not go around changing video cards in addition to CPUs and claim that there's something wrong with the CPU test. There's something called drivers--you know, programs that the CPU executes.

Anyways, hello Corn!

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