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Default Re: Nvidia 6800GS AGP arrives next week

Originally Posted by deimos47ca
Excuse me, but that is just nuts.

First of all, you post and link to theinquirer (no less) with such certainty and trust, that few non-naive people even devote to mainstream media like cnn or bbc.

Do you have any doubts? The good old NV40 chip was made by IBM at Fishkill (New York) using 130nm.. IBM is moving away from manufacturing so unlikely they would take more orders(all AGP: 6800, 6800GT and 6800U are all the same die that was made by IBM). The chip used for PCIE 6800 is totally different and a separate die, made by TSMC 110nm, and hence the reason you hear all the PCIE people getting such good overclocks with their 6800's (6800GT and 6800U PCIE are a third die, which ironically, is still 130nm, even though the parts require higher clock).

The announcement of the 6800GS PCIE was very natural, because as I mentioned earlier, most people were getting very good overclocks (440.. even 460Mhz) thanks to the finer manufacturing process, which also allowed to do this without voltage increase and producing relatively little extra heat.

If nVidia does force a 6800GS AGP on the market, we can be sure that it will be small production (not many NV40 chips left), and like 6800GT and 6800U, will require higher voltage than the original 6800 AGP.

And ofcourse whatever benefits the 6800GS gained by using the 7800GT/GTX PCB, will be lost, because that is a PCIE PCB, and nobody is going to go out of their way to design a custom PCB for a few AGP consumers.

prognosis negative
(I'm a skeptic)
Yes one should be very sceptic when reading theinquirer. I also agree that it seems strange that Nvidia will be using the old nv40. Guess thats their only option but it would also mean that they need new chips from IBM, since nv40-chips are a very endangered species. It would also mean the nv40 on 6800GS needs to get higher than Ultra core-clocks which also sounds a little doubtfull.
But theinquirer seems very certain and I dont understand why they would make a thing like this up. And there doesnt seem to be much room for interpretation or speculations. We will know in a few days if they speak the truth

But to me it makes perfect sense to get a new midend AGP-card out. Right now Nvidia has few AGP-cards for the midend/performance market (6800s), while ATI actually has a number of different options available for AGP-users, x800s, and x850. And I suspect there will soon be x1600s for AGP. And Nvidia currently have no midend cards of its new 7series and the 7600 ETA is march next year.

There is still alot of AGP-customers out there, especially midend-users. The latest Steam-survey (although 2 months old) showed that over 70% were using AGP, 20% used 9600 or 9800-cards. There even seems to be some demand for highend cards. Xbitlabs current poll says that 56% of their readers would buy an AGP flavour of the GeForce 7800- or RADEON X1800 for $349 or more.
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