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Default Re: After Yum update X no longer works

I am having trouble with it all still but I am back in X now. Here is what I got to do. I changed the inittab and boot to runlevel 3. After that I login as normal user and then go su - and setenforce 0 then exit. I then sudo vi the xorg.conf and manually changet he "nvidia" to "nv" save and exit. Note that on next reboot it changes it back to "nvidia". I did the uninstall with selinux off and this is where I am at now. After I mod the xorg.conf, I do a sudo gdm and gdm launches. I then can log in as a normal user and work. I also noted that Load = "glx" comes back after every boot but X is not enhanced as I use the "nv" driver. Ok, first question. How do I get rid of all the nVidia stuff and go back to normal? After that I am gonna try a reinstall. I will still use the 7676 driver? I am using kernel 2.6.14-1.1644_FC4, anyone issues with it?
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