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Default Re: OpenSuse 10.0 RC1 - nvsound - nightmare

Hi netllama.

Thanks for the response.

The strange thing is is that is stops at random times during boot, can we whilst loading network interfaces, USB or random number generator, it stops seemingly at random.

Here are some more strange things regarding this problem.

1> It occasionally does fully boot up (i would say about 1 in 10 chance of booting), if it does there seems to be about 50/50 chance that the mouse works - it sometime does and sometimes doesn't.
- this is after doing no changes.

2> If I try to uninstall the driver (./NFORCE.... --uninstall) it tells me that no driver is installed.

I can undo the changes (ie not load nvsound and load alsa) and the system is 100% rock solid stable.

I really want to fix this (as I have said before this issue is the only thing holding me back from using Super SUSE as my 1 and only desktop -- no more Windows..)

If anyone has anything they can think of that can help me sort this I would be very greatful.

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