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Default First monitor is black when going to virtual console, when using twinView

Hi all.

I'm using twinView on my gf4Ti. It works ok, 2 crt connected.
The problem is:
One crt (connected to lcd, and considered as 'primary' by X) is a multi-frequence monitor
One crt (connected to crt port, as 'secondary') is a old mono-frequence (fixed at 1280x1024).

From boot to the start of X, the first monitor displays text mode nice (and second monitor flashes, but I don't care: i switch it off). Then, in X, 2 monitors works ok, but when I switch to virtual console (ctrl+alt+F1 for example), the primary monitor goes to black, and secondary monitor displays the text mode (which it can't do, as i can't have 1280x1024 in text mode, even in vesa modes with fb => it flashes).

Ok, I could try to change monitors (multi frequence to crt output, and monofreq to lcd), but in windows (which I have on the same computer) i use only one screen (=> it would be the mono frequence, same problem). Plus in Linux, many apps use the First monitor only (start of the nvidia frame buffer)...

Any issue?

Thanks in advance
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