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Default Re: NVidia should STOP supporting Linux

Originally Posted by ciruz
You look to me like someone who can't get the driver to work and yells at nvidia because of his own fault. For most people, the driver works, so stopping the linux drivers would be the worst thing NVidia could do.
Also, you didn't really investigate into that: The kernel module is open source. Only the X11 driver is closed source. I doubt that you even really looked at the driver! I even doubt that you tried to install it, otherwise you would have seen that the kernel module gets compiled!
Hmm.. End users, even those setting up exotic (Xen) virtualisation, shouldn't have to look into the driver sources.
Regarding Xen, it's not a question of not knowing how to make the driver work. Just about no videodrivers, Nvidia's included, are Xen-aware.
Videodrivers has to know about the Xen Hypervisor, or the recipe for disaster is met. It's not enough that the kernel module is opensource.

Now, to be fair, after I briefly described some of the problems involved with Xen, and the possible gains for Nvidia, they actually opened a RFE to address that topic.
Pls. see

To be even more fair: Accepting or rejecting non-OSS drivers, Nvidia, as the others, releases (mostly) closed drivers, and over time they mostly works for most users, without too much fuzz. Yes, I know there are some problems with some advanced features.
But looking at it from a developers point of view:
The single uniform driver has to work on several version of the 2.4 and 2.6 series kernels, with several version of XFree86 and servers...
I used to be a fulltime programmer, so I think I can relate to getting it all to work.

Some of us are anciously awaiting a hopefully positive outcome to the Xen issue.
(@Lonni though having been urgely invited to join, there doesn't seem to be any Nvidia folks on the xen-devel list as yet. ..)
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