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Default Re: Looking to Linux, any suggestions?

There are tons of linux flavors out there, and multiple websites that review them. I would google for those, as it helped in the direction that I went. Many have live cd's out there for you to try, so you don't have to deal with a full install. Also, there is great support out there for having the option of Win or Linux at boot up with no problem. Which should give you all the options in the world. If something doesn't work right with linux, just hop over to WinXP and play what you want, untill you can get things squared away. Just make sure you know what you are trying to accomplish. Many people feel they need to make a switch over to linux, but not sure what they are trying to do.

My only suggestion, make sure you back up important files. No reason to get caught with your pants down. I also picked up a linux book at a local store to answer the more technical questions.

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