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The TB option has been available in the NVIDIA drivers since 77.77 i think, no need for Coolbits or RT, just enable Advanced settings and the option will be there, the TB option only works in conjunction with v-sync, with v-sync + TB your FPS wont be reduced to half of your refresh rate. In my case where the refreshrate of my monitor is 60 the FPS in OpenGL games would drop down to 30 whenever the 60 FPS couldn't be maintained, this is with just v-sync enabled

Release 75 Enhancements
The NVIDIA ForceWare graphics driver, Release75, supports the latest family
of NVIDIA GPUs as well as dual-core CPUs. The following are more detailed
changes in the driver:

Control Panel Interface Changes
• Added a Triple Buffering control option for improved frame rates.
• Added Transparency Antialiasing Control (for GeForce 7800 GTX)
• Added Gamma Correct Antialiasing Control (for GeForce 7800 GTX)
• Combined DirectX and OpenGL application profiles on one page
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