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Default Re: My 7800 GTX Benchmarks

Originally Posted by jasonlky
I had low 3DMArk05 scores.... at about 6500. Most forums suggest that this is due to the puny Intel 3.0ghz limitation.

SO I decided to overclock the hell out of it in hopes of saving my rig. Since I am a noob to overclocking... i had many start and stops... finally managed to get a stable clock at 3.45Ghz.... And the results were very encouraging..

New 3DMark05 score at 7498!!! Does not touch the 8k++ figures some others are putting up.... but my 7800GTX is not OCed yet... still stock at 430/1200. At least now I feel better about my rig. Game play is slightly better as frame rates have improved.

Next will have to learn up a little bit more about OCing to higher frequencies... next target 3.6Ghz!!
Make sure you drop down your ram speed as well before upping the FSB or your ram will hold you back. For example, you have your PC at 15x200, your ram being 2x200. Then you go to 15x220 and while your CPU can take the extra speed, your ram might not handle 2x220. So you have to drop down the ram speed, ie increase the divider. And make sure you have good cooling, those Prescotts get really hot.
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