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Default Re: 1.0-8174 for Linux x86 released

Originally Posted by pzgren
Yes. Something to switch my GF 6800 Go to a lower and higher clockrate...

I see no speed improvements here, tested with SPECviewperf. Not really with 1~3 fr/sec more on . These are test variations, not more speed.

I don't have SLI in a notebook, no need for a HTML /man version of xyz, UseEdidFreqs was on "yes" before, I do not rotate a LCD,...and so on.

but no up2date nVidia Makefile for modular Xorg in Fedora 5 coming and other things mentoined earlier...

Ok, the driver runs good. But thats all.


You do realise that nvclock is not written by nvidia? In fact in most cases I believe they caution against overclocking (or at least the card manufacturers do). I know you can OC stuff (my BFG card comes OCed out of the box) but its at your own risk. I cant see nvidia providing something potentially damaging.
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