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Originally Posted by Slybri
Just got CoH the other day. Found it for 30 bucks and figured I'd give it a try for a month. Got kinda burnt out on WoW, so I'm taking a vacation from Azeroth.
It's an okay game and I can see how it was popular. But it's no where near as fun and well designed as WoW.
I don't know why, but running around in the city blasting stuff feels more like GTA than a superhero game. I never really feel like I'm in a comic book.
The music is subtle and quiet. The graphics are dark, with dirty textures and beggining to look outdated. There's no voice work at all. The power effects are less than exciting. The interface is cluttered and confusing compared to WoW. No loot except for "enhancements" which temporarily boost your power to a negligible effect. Most of them you can't use anyways.
I dunno, I guess unitl I have the ability to fly around I won;t realy feel like a superhero. You don;t even get a cape until later in the game. That's lame.
I did have fun building a few different "theme" heroes. But the powers are all kinda similar.
I'm kinda bored by the whole thing and I've only played for 3 days. Don't think I'll renew the subscription after the free 30 days.
That's the same way I felt - I played CoH for a while and got so bored of it. There's really not much to do but "go kill this" and "go do that" for those silly enhancement things. WoW just has so much more life to it - I wish I would have gotten into it sooner.
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