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Default Loss of console ability after starting X

Well the subject line explains it all basically. Here are some specs

AMD athlon xp 2800
nforce2 chipset on MB
Geforce 4MX onboard (disabled)
BFG 6800 GT OC
BSD 6.0-current
nvidia driver Version: 1.0-7676

I removed the two lines that stop you from installing the driver on 6.x, and have no problems in X (now) before I couldnt even start X at all. After installing the drivers X now works. Console does work before I do start X up, but if I shutdown X. I totally lose console and my monitor shuts off also. I would give a log but thats hard to do without being able to see anything. Has anyone else ran into this issue? Also reason Im using 6.x is any prior versions of freebsd would not run on this system after install (the generic installed kernel would dump on bootup after booting for the first time) Im glad that 6.x has solved this issue for me. This isnt a major issue but it is an annoying one. Anyone have any ideas?
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