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Default Re: City of Villians

Yeah, that's the thing about WoW. It's so full of character, humor, and style that any other MMO is gonna seem bland. Everything in WoW is fun. NPC's, quests, lore, the music, the art style. It's just so rich and polished. And the loot! my god, it's like playing a slot machine everytime you kill a mob. Addictive!
CoH has none of that. Even as a Comic book superhero game it takes very little from comic books. Except for the funny costumes it could be any other game. There's so much they could have taken from comic books to make it a more developed SuperHero world. Cel-shading graphics, secret identities, super vehicles, Comic-book frame cutscenes like in Max Payne, moe customized super powers. The powers dont even feel like superhero powers. No x-ray vision, you can't pick up cars and throw them, you cant fly into outer space or breathe underwater. But you can shoot fireballs at stuff. And buff and nerf. Or hit stuff with a sword or bow and arrow. It's like I'm playing Guild Wars with funny colored suits. But Guild wars is free...
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