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Default Re: Help! Flickering textures and artifacts with brand new 6600GT

Well that other thread says temps in the 80s are okay by 90s are cause for concern. I don't really think heating is the problem, because the visual problems occur from the first second stuff loads up.

I'm thinking the problem is either my PSU or the card is defective. I'm trying to decide whether I should simply send the card back (I could live without it ) or try a new PSU. I've been thinking of replacing this one anyway because it is so loud, but I don't know if I could find a 500W one that's quieter.

Does anyone know Newegg's return policy? If I wait another week for a PSU shipment, will they still accept a return of a card that I will have now had for a week or more? It's opened electronics, so does that mean I can only exchange it for the same product? In that case, I may as well try a new PSU first.
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