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Default Re: 1.0-8174 for Linux x86 released

Originally Posted by snader
Could you mention on which sites it crashes so we can test that as well?
Wow! I must agree. My first X crash since years...with firefox on an stable KDE 3.5 tested (RenderAccel on). I say only: 4 months for next driver?...

@ Bratag
You do realise that nvclock is not written by nvidia? In fact in most cases I believe they caution against overclocking (or at least the card manufacturers do). I know you can OC stuff (my BFG card comes OCed out of the box) but its at your own risk. I cant see nvidia providing something potentially damaging.
I know nvclock and use it, its linked on my homepage since years...WIM

The GF 6800 Go mobile runs here with my big battery always with full speed in 2D mode! Means: 290/590 full speed! No nVidia powermixer support on linux. With powermixer or an option to clock it down, it would/could only be 125/318 in 2D mode. That is a lot of saving for a hw device in a notebook consuming the most energy! I can also ver stable and fine clock to 400/700 and can play cool 56 celsius for hours BF2 under XP, its more stable than most PC nVidia GFX cards I have used and seen...

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