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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by superklye
So I guess I just can't play my gnome mage anymore. Every time I log in, every character around me is "Unknown Identity" and I can't even exit the game unless I alt-tab and right click> close.

**** this. I'm so sick of this **** happening. I'm cancelling this game after this month. I ahve better things to do spend money on every month than a game I can't even play.
Really old post, but I thought if anyone else run into this issue.
I did, and after some googling the fix was to change a setting in the NV Network driver.
"Checksum Offload" to "Disabled" took care of it.

Before that I:
Got disconnected after a few seconds in IronForge.
Got lagged out after handing in a quest, everytime..
Got alot of "Unknown Entity" messages on players and pets..
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