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Angry I'm displeased and upset with MikeC's behavoir in the Peter Glaskowsky thread.

Dear nVnews staff:

I did not care for the way that MikeC tried to set opinion by deletion in the thread about the NV30 winning the Microwhatever award of 2002. I felt he was defending a paid flunky of nVidia by trying to stifle his detractors, and when that failed he closed the thread.

I am very disapointed, and I admit it a little angered at this behavoir. Is this going to be typical of nVnews forums in the future?

I felt nVnews was being exceptionally cool by avoiding any of these type of "fanboy" situations with the FX by staying by the facts as they are rather than trying to view them thru (expensive) rosy-colored lenses, MikeC's actions make me question that.

Quite seriously,
John Hayden
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