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Default Re: I'm displeased and upset with MikeC's behavoir in the Peter Glaskowsky thread.

Originally posted by digitalwanderer
I felt he was defending a paid flunky of nVidia by trying to stifle his detractors, and when that failed he closed the thread.
Well, I wouldn't call Peter Glaskowsky a 'paid flunky of nVidia', more like a man who doesn't have quite the grasp of modern graphics technology that he would perhaps like to.

However, I do have to agree that I'm more than disappointed to see posts being deleted from the thread, followed by it ultimately being locked. Besides the odd flame (which IMO was nothing worthy of post deletion), most of the conversation was intelligent and thoughtful (as always seems to be the case here, which is why I try to spend a bit of time hanging around here when I can).

Being a Moderator means walking a thin line between being too leniant and too severe, and I'm sorry to say that I think Mike crossed way too far into 'severe' territory on this occasion, and has ended up abruptly finishing a discussion which should (and quite rightly so) have run and run.
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