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I Dont see where any of my posts reached that level. Yet he deleted them. I was not partaking in all the out of control persoanal attacks. MikeC even deleted this this post.
Whatever pete...
My thanks to you all for giving me a rare fond feeling of nostalgia for the good old days. I mastered the art of flaming before many of you were even born. Mastered it, and moved on. I'm invulnerable to it now. Running and participating in various political and technical BBSs across the country from the '70s through the '90s helped me get the job I have today, where I make a good honest living by studying, thinking, and writing about the most advanced microprocessors on the market.

If any of you had the brains to wipe your own asses, you'd have long since found all the evidence you need to support our award, but you're simply not trying.

Just for the record, I don't get paid by Nvidia for my work, except insofar as there are some Nvidia people who subscribe to Microprocessor Report. There are also subscribers from ATI and other graphics-chip companies. They, and all of our subscribers, have already received the full text of the article in which I explain our award, and theirs are the only opinions of our work that matter to me.

Other than that, I'm not going to bother cleaning up any of the crap I've seen posted here. What I wrote originally is clear enough, and provides an adequate explanation of the GeForce FX's eligibility for the award. Read it, or don't, it's up to you.

Kyleb, I have to say I really like that photoshopped image. I'll make sure Jensen Huang and the marketing people at Nvidia see it. I'm sure they'll get as big a kick out of it as I did; they all have a great sense of humor. It may also provide a laugh for the folks I know at ATI, who also make great graphics chips. I mean this seriously, it's funny as hell, and a high point of my career. :-)
Yeah, Just keep posting Generalizations stooge...

Who the Hell do you think your dealing with here? Not everyone on these forums rolled off the turnip truck yesterday. The Award going to the GFFX is so patently Absurd its not even funny. What you wrote originally does not Justify a Damn thing.

You post unsupported, unprovable Generalizations and I post hard verifiable evidence. You don't even want to get into a detailed Feature debate with me pal. I don't Frikking care who you think you are or who you work for. Lets Talk about various parts of the NV30 hardware that are broken. Lets talk about totally Crippled FP32 precision. Lets talk about Sub standard Anti aliasing. Lets talk about Its 128 bit memory controller. Lets talk about its Giant cooling system. Lets talk about it losing every single benchmark when the IQ's are matched (as close as possible) to the 9700pro. Lets talk about its Long instruction lengths being to slow to actually use because of Hardware and design issues...

Lets talk about WHY you ignored shipping products like the Level-II/III 9700pro that beats the GFFX ultra in every single benchmark across the board. Lets talk about The FX having to run at nearly 200mhz faster (with the aid of a Dust Buster ) just to beat the 9700pro by a messily 10% average without any IQ enhancing features. Lets Talk about how it's going to get totally outclassed before it even hits the consumer.

You have not made ANY case at all To support such a Ridiculous Choice.

It is so obvious that the GFFX Ultra is a completely HACKED, over clocked Speed Job its not even funny. Yet you reward a product like this??? If what you are saying is true then Ati should have been able to over clock a SINGLE 9700pro to extreme levels and win the award! Which they are perfectly capable of doing. Thats how hollow and silly your award is.

How do you judge which technology is better? The 9700pro is clearly the more elegant design. It clearly wins in every major category except Two. Max color precision, and instruction length. In fact its CLEAR you don't have a damn clue what you are even talking about with programmability. Its just length of shader instructions buddy, and a few more math functions. Thats it. The hardware itself is not Programmable. It is simply capable of running more complex shader routines. Routines that wont see the light of day for another 2 years. Both the 9700pro and GFFX are DX9 classed hardware. Even Worse, Nvidia has to revert the Nv30 to FP 16 all the time. Which makes their higher precision totally unusable. You give awards to people for Good intentions??? Hell Give Bitboys the award then. They Sold a Chip or Two here and there as well.

What is it that carries more weight for you than all the other negatives the Nv30 has. Which there are a TON. What does the Nv30 have that outweighs all the many positives that the 9700pro has. Besides which ATi DELIVERED a working product to the consumer 6 months ago.

Your decision makes no sense at all. Neither do all your foolish unsupported generalizations and Visions of Grandeur.
Which i dont see warrants deletion. Other than it is not very flattering of the nv30..

I simply should NOT have been included in the list of *offenders*. At all.
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