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Default Re: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

I'm on my second break in a year now, but I'm sure I'll be back in Azeroth eventually. It's a great game, maybe the best game I've ever played (and I've been hardcore gaming since 1980).
But I think it all depends on the guild and other players. Sure it's possible to solo most of the content, but it's not very fun. Especially when your on your 5th alt doing Westfall for the 3rd time. (Damn Oat bags!)
My breaks from the game usually start when my guild falls apart and there are other games I want to play. LIke this time, there were a lot of Aussies in my guild who left to play on the oceania servers. And FEAR, Quake 4, and X3 came out. So I quit.
For some reason, I usually end up trying another MMO before I go back to WoW. Last time it was Star Wars Galaxies, Played for about 2 months because I had made some good friends there, but the whoel time I bitched about how bad the game was. This time I'm playing CoH, and I'm just not feelin it. Not Comic Book enough I guess. Not WoW.
I'll probably be back in Azeroth soon. It's Amazing how much money you save when all you do is play Warcraft.

I guess games are like chicks. Single Player games are like dating. MMO's are like going out. There's a commitment. You get in a fight with it, break up. Date other games and realize they're boring. Sooner or later your back with the MMO. I guess what I'm saying is...WoW, would you marry me? LOL
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