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thought everyone concerned may find this interesting

and this

In-Stat primarily focuses on the use of two methodologies when collecting primary data:

1. Structured telephone interviews
In both business-to-business and consumer research, one of the best ways to collect primary data, particularly among targeted audiences, is by utilizing structured telephone interviews. In-Stat/MDR works with clients to develop questionnaires that are clear, concise, and provide meaningful data from qualified respondents. In-Stat/MDR is able to obtain quality sample for its projects by leveraging its affiliation with Cahners Business Lists, along with other third party business list owners. The questionnaires are then administered by a trusted, third party vendor with a staff of professionally trained interviewers with years of experience in conducting B-to-B and consumer interviews. In-Stat/MDR regularly conducts telephone studies on a variety of topics that range in size from 50 to more than 1,000 completed interviews.

2. Web-based interviews
In recent years, Internet or web-based interviewing has become an accepted and effective method for collecting primary data. In-Stat/MDR has the capability to program and host questionnaires that include sophisticated features such as list randomization and rotation, complex branching, as well as customized validation and error checking. A key component of our web-based research capability is our Technology Adoption Panel, a dynamic, online panel of thousands of technology users and decision-makers interested in contributing their opinions and insights about technology usage and technology issues in the workplace. The panel is comprised of a diverse group of people who represent a wide range of company sizes, industries, and areas of expertise. The diversity of the panel allows us to gather information on a variety of topics from many different perspectives. In addition, In-Stat/MDR has access to other third party research panels, as well as opt-in e-mail lists from Cahners Business Lists and other list vendors.
their methodology is not exactly the best in the world but it is quite reminiscent of a number of similar companies...

it is really nice to see nvidia not holding back @ winning this award...

their restraint in light of this most prestigous of all awards if quite admirable
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