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Originally posted by vampireuk
How many awards like this have been given out in the past? I am thinking quite a few, it's sad that this one is jumped on because its from a different company which some people do not like. If people come to this board they are going to read more than one thread on the FX and will form their own opinions from the many reviews out there too. However something that does not help is for someone to open a thread and see fan boy flamming and whining. By all means post opinions but we are sick to our back teeth of the constant bashing, and things are going to change for the better around here.
there is a problem with various points in the award presentation which have been picked up by various peoples and questioned...

it is not about hating nvidia... it is about the product and whether it is either qualified or deserving of the award...

by the way... have a read of the other thread... peter gave as good as he got... hence I don't think anyone on this forum who was involved in the discussion really had anything to lose
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