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Originally posted by Sazar
by the way... have a read of the other thread... peter gave as good as he got... hence I don't think anyone on this forum who was involved in the discussion really had anything to lose
Nah, I'll be the first to admit that I was over-the-top at the guy...but that's how I am and I STILL feel the guy was asking for it and had it coming.

But Mike was right on a lot of his deletions, I just feel he went a bit too far once he got started. There were a LOT of valid points/arguments that disapeared along with the "I called the man a lying bag of sh&t, in what way is that insulting if the man is a lying bag of sh&t?" type of posts I was putting up. (Although I STILL think even that one is darn near valid too...albeit a bit acerbic. )

It does have a touch of a one-sideness feel to it.
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