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Faboy this fanboy that...
its nothing more that some Starw-Man argument to justify one persons opinion over the other.
Whether this thread deserved to be closed or not isn't the issue if each one just turns into another Nvidia bash fest. Don't take it personal guys but we're just tired of it. We have no problem admiting Nvidia latest product wasn't what everyone was hoping for but we all know that, so its time to move on
No the ISSUE is that there is no way in hell the Nv30 deserved an award that clearly should have gone to ATi. ITs preposterous. How can you in one scentence say *we all agree the Nv30 is not all it was cracked up to be* and in the next say move on and forget that it just got awarded Graphics Processor of the year????

And people who qeustion it with hard cold facts are Fanboys??

That is so completely STUPID its not even funny.

You want to know who the real fanboys are? Its people who defend the undefendable, and edit/delete posts they dont agree with, or call people they dont agree with Fanboys as somekind of Justified dismisal.

I am in complete agreement with editing/deleting threads that really get out of line with out of control personal attacks and or insults. But mild badgering and posting well though out arguments is just blatant Sensorship of ideas.
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