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The only problem is that most of the time the help people stuff comes in under the driver forum. Most other talk is about nvidia is going to be negative at this time. But I like to read about it, true the ati roxors stuff can go, but legitimate claims should stay. It is for your benefit too, mods. I know you guys do agree with alot of the stuff that is said.

Mike said he was in an uncomfortable position. I understand, it would look bad for someone from nvidia to look in that forum and see the mud slung all over their flagship. But then I think hey, maybe this will help them see the light, kick them in gear, none of us want a one sided battle, it's lose lose for everyone. If I am correct even Rage3d was going to shut down before Ati acknowledged that it was losing its userbase.

Please don't let Nvnews become controlled by nvidia. I come come here for the opinions on both side of the wall.

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