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Default Re: 1.0-8174 for Linux x86 released

Originally Posted by pzgren
Little bugs, little errors or bad BIOS implemation by the producers get quirks or corrections in the windows driver. You will never see or heard from these under win....then the people come to Linux and say: "hey, it worked under win!".
ZzZzz.. oh please... gimme a break. This is simple acceleration for autohinting, not even a 3D problem. This is not the result of a "bad BIOS". I also did not "come to Linux", but actually, "came to Windows".

I invite you to find some actual proof of this rubbish you're claiming. Find a report of a "bad BIOS" issue that the Windows driver fixed and Linux driver didn't. I think you're talking out of your ass, most likely. Oh, I also was not aware that a GPU is the same thing as a BIOS.

The real reason you don't hear whining from Windows users is because NVIDIA is obviously more devoted to their Windows drivers (and I'm not complaining, it makes sense to me and I understand why). You also don't hear whining over things like Composite, because NT's "composite"-like functionality isn't buggy.
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